Premier Coronary Stent System

High Procedural Success Rate

The Premier Coronary Stent is designed to promote low target vessel revascularization rate (TVR), by pioneering the use of a superior strength essentially nickel free alloy which enables it to have:
  • The thinnest struts
  • The lowest surface coverage area
  • Significantly less metal than any other coronary stent
  • the Premier possesses the characteristics of extremely low strut thickness, surface coverage area and nickel content. This was achieved through a unique closed cell design and careful material selection.
  • The PremierTM Coronary Stent System has a rapid exchange stent delivery system consisting of:
>> a balloon expandable stent
>> stent delivery system

Lowest Strut Thickness in The Industry

The BioDur 108 - Nickel Free Alloy

Hndreds of thousands of lesions stented annually are nickel sensitive.
Strong evidence supports the relation between nickel sensitivity and restenosis¹

Key Features

  • Stent material: Biodur 108- less than 0.05 nickel (by weight)
  • Strut thickness - starting from 0.045mm
  • Metal coverage area - 8-9%
  • Two radiopaque markers at stent extremities to enhance angiographic visibility
  • Closed cell design (area of 2.0-2.2mm2)
  • Less than 4% recoil at nominal diameter

Outstanding Clinical Outcomes

  • Population - 55 patients
  • Age: 57.7±8.8 years
  • 68.42% male
  • Diabetes: 19.3%
  • Small vessel (<2.5mm): 20.97%
  • Number of patients with unstable angina or MI: 32.3%
  • Multi vessel disease: 23.4%
Remarks: The Premier™ coronary stent is currently available for sale in Canada only under Special Access Program.

6 Months Follow Up Results

Clinical results demonstrate exceptionally low MACE rates.

  • MACE : 3.51% (n=55 patients)
  • TLR: 3.51% (2 cases)
  • MI: 0%
  • CABG: 0%
  • Death : 0%