Real Time Cardiac Detection & Alert System

Guardian - Revolutionizing Preventive Medicine

The Guardian™ intracardiac ST-segment monitoring, provides an alerting capability, that could be used to improve the time to treatment, and outcomes, in high risk coronary artery disease patients

System Configuration

The system consists of the following major components:

IMD (Implantable Medical Device)

An implanted device which is designed to detect, analyze and store the patient’s electrogram waveforms and other crucial heart-signal data. The IMD vibrates to warn the patient of alarms and alerts.

EXD (External Device)

A hand-held telemetry device that is engineered to warn the patient of alarms and alerts via beeps and flashing LEDs.The EXD is also used for communication between the Programmer and the IMD; transmitting vital cardiac information from the IMD to the Programmer.


A workstation used by the physician to configure the IMD and, when desired, retrieve data from the IMD.It uses the EXD plug-in and long range telemetry technology to communicate with the patient's IMD.
Remarks: The Guardian™ alert system has not been submitted yet for approval to Health Canada and therefore is not available for sale in Canada.

Clinical Benefits

  • Generates emergency auditory, Vibratory, and visual alerts to urge patients to seek immediate medical care – before symptoms occur
  • Detects life threatening cardiac events before they start
  • Reduces time to treatment
  • Improves Patient survival
  • Minimizes heart muscle damage