Catalyst II*

Enhanced to maximize clinical & financial outcomes in diagnostic and interventional procedures

Increased throughput – Ability to discharge in under 3 hours for your diagnostic procedures

Unparalleled safety – Eliminates implant-related major complications while vessel scarring is minimized to preserve re-access

Earlier ambulation – Significant reduction in time to ambulation versus manual compression, while increasing patient comfort and reducing staff intensity

The Catalyst II Advantage

Key Features

Low profile 6.5mm nitinol disc provides temporary hemostasis at the arteriotomy

Arteriotomy naturally recoils to the size of a 18 gauge needle

Proprietary hemostatic coating on wire accelerates coagulation at arteriotomy

The Catalyst II System accommodates 5-7 fr sheaths, up to 25 cm in length

Clinical Benefits

No foreign materials ever left behind in the body

Eliminates risk of catastrophic implant-related complications

No device-related major complications in 120,000+ procedures

Less scarring, enabling immediate and future reaccess

Easy to use and deployable in less than 20 seconds

*The device advertised may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian Law

Financial Benefits

Enhanced throughput stemming from reduced times to ambulation and discharge

Reduced cost of complications

Significant cost savings per device versus traditional vascular closure devices